Thursday, January 12, 2006

First post for my mom!

This is my first post , and this one is for my mother who brought me into this world. I wrote a poem for her, while returning from home. This was the first time after my marriage, I had visited home. I hadn't been home in 12 months, and it was the longest period I had stayed away from the unconditional love that parents shower unto you.

14:00 hrs.

I have asked you not to cry
As you wave me goodbye.
Yet you falter and your voice wavers
When you ask me if there is something else I need

I need you mother, I need you to be happy
I need you to know that I can take care of myself
Yet I do not have the will or strength
To detach myself from your warm embrace
I have to leave you mother because
I am torn apart between the two lives
One that of a daughter, and the other of a wife.

Warm Tears trickle down my face
My heart aches for you
Creases on your face reflect the worries you have faced
ensuring our comfort
Age has put a toll on your limbs
Many a times I have woken up at night hearing you groan in pain
And yet you pretend to be alright.

I just wish that I could endure all this for you
I just wish that I could be your mother for once!


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Anonymous said...
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Readers Dais said...

could feel your pain for your mother in these words

- The Virgin Author! said...

Awesome poem! Specially the last lines! :) Well written.

PS: - 10 ways to live life!