Sunday, October 28, 2007

Missing You

Lips quiver
Eyes moisten
Hands clasped together
Lost smile
Foregone world
Muddled emotions
Missing you
While being with you.


Samba said...

Lucky you.

You get to miss someone in the luxury of his company!

Ananya said...

@samba: yes it does happen, typically when its cladestine.

Himank Sharma said...

hey stumbled on your blog from sunshine's... Good poems.. Short n Sweet.. Liked dem will try to follow up with you.. :P

Ananya said...

@himank: thanks a lot

Samba said...

I always tended to believe when you are in love it shows and hence it couldn't ever be fully clandestine. But when I look back, it's those affairs with an element of secrecy that thrill me the most. Using the telephone booth to keep the secrecy, the longing to be in each other's arms, the endless, sometimes telephonic kisses, the urgency to make the most of the time away from friends, acquantances and family members.........